Campsite with giant waterslides in Vendée

Do you feel perfectly at ease in the water? Do you also like water attractions? Loisirs 85 offers you two campsites with giant slides in the Vendée. Both campsites areThese are places of escape and adventure. 5-star accommodation, activities, entertainment for the whole family, etc. The establishments have everything to please. Couples, families, work colleagues, friends… all are welcome.

Two exceptional 5-star campsites in Vendée

The Acapulco campsite in St Jean de Monts is close to the beach, while the Le Château campsite in St Hilaire offers an exceptional green setting. Both sites are unique in that they offer a variety of activities, each as extraordinary as the next. Swimming pool, canoe trip, bowling, laser game… you’ll be spoilt for choice! But the 5-star L’Acapulco and Le Château campsites are most famous for their giant slides.

The toboggan, an activity not to be missed

Who says that tobogganing is an activity exclusively for young children and teenagers? As proof, the 5-star Le Château campsite in Vendée has two large slides for adults to play on. In just a few minutes, these gigantic slides will make you forget your daily stress. With or without a buoy, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. All you have to do is let the water carry you away. What a pleasure! You can even share this unique experience with your child or friends.

The 5-star Acapulco campsite in the Vendée is particularly attractive for its vast aquatic area, overlooked by two magnificent, titanic waterslides. Suitable for children and adults alike, each slide is 9 metres high. What a way to get the adrenaline pumping! At the Acapulco campsite, experience the thrills of the famous aquatube. Thrill-seekers are also welcome on the wave slide.

Easily accessible, the L’Acapulco campsite in Saint Jean de Monts and the Le Château campsite in Saint Hilaire de Riez with giant slides in the Vendée welcome you from May to September.